You Can Do It – Discover Your Inner Balance

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It’s all about the balance. Really. A lifestyle that balances work with stress relieving play and that pays attention to nutrition and diet is a healthy one. That’s the macro level. At the micro level, small imbalances in the pH of your blood, for example, can create changes in the pH of your saliva, altering your mouth’s environment. In other words, your oral health can impact and be impacted by your overall health and here’s how…

Plaque, the thin film on your teeth, is a biofilm and a bacterial ecosystem within the larger bionetwork of your mouth and body. When the scale tips so that good bacteria are overtaken by those that are harmful, red swollen gums that bleed easily, gum and bone recession, and tooth loss can occur.

Tartar is the conspicuous, cement-like substance that plaque hardens into when you allow it to build up. Tartar can break the natural protective seal that your gums provide, allowing oral bacteria into your bloodstream. Experts believe that toxic bacteria from your gum infection can trigger your immune system into a constant state of alert.

Gum disease has been linked to systemic and inflammatory diseases including heart and stroke, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancers, and lung diseases.

These complex interactions mean that a one size fits all approach to life, health, and your oral health care is no longer sufficient.

Your oral health can impact and be impacted by your overall health.

Floss once – to clean between your teeth and below the gumline.

Brush gently at least twice a day – to remove food and bacteria from your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Rinse often throughout the day – plain water can keep bacteria at bay when there’s no time to brush.