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Loose or Uncomfortable Dentures?

Tired of Not Eating the Food You Want?

Have a Mouth Full of Broken-Down Teeth That Need to Be Replaced?

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Get A Beautiful Smile and
Full Chewing Power

with Same Day Smile Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Forest Smiles is one of the only practices in this part of Virginia that offers an extremely advanced alternative to traditional dentures. Dr. Claiborne can give you new teeth in one day using a comfortable and minimally invasive procedure. With the stable, economical and lasting teeth replacement solution that dental implants provide, you can receive a brand-new smile and improved quality of life!

Meticulous Planning in 3D

The first step is the initial consultation which consists of a comprehensive oral exam, medical history review and a 3-D X-ray. Dr. Claiborne uses his state-of-the-art dental scanner to take 3D X-ray images of your teeth and jaw as the first part of treatment. This enables him to view all of your oral structures in 360-degree view and plan the treatment in special 3D software—including the final position of the new teeth and the exact location and angle of each implant.

3D X Ray Machine and Patient

At this appointment, Dr. Claiborne will address your concerns and expectations, making sure Same Day Smile is the right dental treatment for you.

3D X Computer Image and patient

A One-Day Procedure

Thanks to the doctor’s careful planning, the implant surgery itself is a smooth procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Claiborne performs any needed extractions, places the implants and attaches temporary new teeth—all on the same day. You will wear the temporary teeth while the implants heal. At that point, ultra-lifelike final new teeth are attached.

How Same Day Smile Works | Full-Arch Implants, Explained

A Beautiful New Smile

One of the things that you will be pleasantly surprised by during the Same Day Smile treatment is the beautiful new smile you’ll receive on the very day of treatment. The temporary teeth you receive immediately after the implant surgery are carefully crafted in advance so that they fit well and look very aesthetic.

Once the implants have fully healed and are integrated with the jawbone, Dr. Claiborne places your final new teeth. These are made from either high-quality, medical-grade acrylic or very durable dental porcelain. The final teeth are extremely lifelike, and they provide almost 100% chewing power so you can enjoy many foods that are not compatible with traditional dentures. Our patients say that having Same Day Smile feels like having real teeth.

Same Day Smile Upper & Lower


Comfortable, Affordable Care

If you are in need of extensive dental work, financial barriers and fear of pain may be the biggest obstacles to getting treatment. Dr. Claiborne will make it as easy as possible for you to receive the treatment you need. He ensures you will be comfortable at all times during the procedure and oral and IV sedation are available if needed. No-interest financing is available through CareCredit, and Dr. Claiborne offers competitive fees for Same Day Smile.

Upper Replacement Implants
Lower Replacement Implants

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