Comprehensive Family Services in Lynchburg and Forest

 Comprehensive Family Services

New Patient Special Included

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Friendly, comfortable & knowledgeable care

Patients are treated like family at our practice. We’re proud of our ability to help every person who steps through our door feel comfortable and relaxed. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental care and making sure you are fully informed and understand all your options. Even if this is your first visit to the dentist in a long time, we are here to help. Our comprehensive services and fully customized and affordable treatment plans will fit your needs, lifestyle, budget and goals.

New Patient Exam

When you arrive for your new patient exam, you will first be greeted by our friendly receptionist.

You will meet our caring staff as we take any necessary X-Rays that will allow Dr. Claiborne or Dr. Schmidt to view all of your oral structures.

After discussing your dental goals and concerns, Dr. Claiborne or Dr. Schmidt will conduct a thorough oral examination, review your treatment plan with you and answer all your questions.

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Dr. Schmidt with patient

Routine Check-Ups & Teeth Cleaning

Our goal is to keep your dental treatment to a minimum by helping you prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Routine checkups and thorough, yet gentle teeth cleaning by our experienced hygienists are the key.

Children's Dental Services

We welcome patients of all ages. You can bring your children in for services such as cleanings, checkups and sealants to protect their teeth from cavities. We like to fix issues before they become a big problem. We start seeing children as soon as their teeth start coming in.

Our hygienists are great with children and will show them how to properly care for their teeth. They really know how to make children feel comfortable. At the end of their visit, children can pick a toy from our office’s toy chest.



A dental restoration is used to restore the function and aesthetics of a decayed or broken tooth. Restorations are either “tooth-colored” composite material or “silver” amalgam fillings.

Amalgam Filling
Composite Filling

Gentle Tooth Extractions

We will do everything we can to help you preserve your healthy and natural teeth as long as possible. However, severely damaged or painful teeth may need to be removed. Dr. Claiborne and Dr. Schmidt are experienced in performing gentle tooth extractions, including everything from third molars (wisdom teeth) to baby teeth. If needed, we can provide you with sedation for your extraction.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal treatment can slow or stop the progression of gum disease. Since there are different stages of gum disease (from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis), there are different levels of treatment. In some cases, the patient may be referred to a specialist.

Learn more about periodontal disease in the video to the right.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is infected or injured beyond repair, root canal therapy may be an option to save it. A root canal is the procedure where the infected or injured nerve tissue is removed from inside the tooth. This is virtually painless. Dr. Claiborne uses state-of-the-art technology to perform his root canal procedures and makes sure that root canal treatment is done quickly, efficiently and painlessly.


Emergency Dental Appointments

At Forest Smiles we strive to provide the best dental care possible. We can provide treatment for dental emergencies involving trauma, severe toothaches, extractions, root canals, etc. As a courtesy to our patients of record we will do our best to see you within 1 business day of your phone call or email.

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Call 434-473-7449 to schedule an appointment today!

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