State-of-the-Art Technology

Dr. Claiborne with 3D X-ray Machine

Dr. Claiborne and Dr. Schmidt have equipped their practice with many of the latest advances in dental technology. These technologies enable them to provide accurate, efficient and comfortable treatment. This includes:

3D imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning

A 3D CT scanner captures detailed images of your teeth, nerves, bone and sinuses for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Dental Lazer


Dr. Claiborne sometimes uses a dental laser as part of the implant treatment process. Laser technology can also aid in the placement of dental restorations such as crowns as well as fabrication of new crowns. The doctors can also use a dental laser for the removal of soft-tissue lesions.

A digital scanner for impressions

Instead of using uncomfortable, goopy impression material, Dr. Claiborne and Dr. Schmidt use a digital scanner to quickly and easily capture detailed impressions of your teeth. The scanner assists the doctors in accurately planning and creating the new implant-supported teeth. The digital impression scanner can be used for restoration and crown fabrication as well as night guards and other removable dental appliances.

Dental Digital Scanner
Centrifuge for faster dental healing

A centrifuge used for comfortable healing

To speed healing, Dr. Claiborne and Dr. Schmidt use special growth proteins extracted from a small amount of the patient’s blood and centrifuged into a high concentration.

An intraoral camera

Forest Smiles’ intraoral camera shows the inside of the patient’s mouth in detail.

intraoral camera

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