Why should you undergo deep dental cleaning?

If you are suffering from gum disease, there will be a loss of bone and the buildup of calcium will take place. The pockets between the gums and teeth will become collection points of bacteria and there will gradual decay of teeth. It will lead to other health complications as well. Through the scaling and root planning treatment, the issue can be overcome. The procedure will be done at the dentist office.

There is a difference between deep dental cleaning and regular dental cleaning. The deep cleaning will be done under anesthesia and you should want to go for several follow-up sessions as well. The cleaning will be done until your teeth become free from infection. It is not possible to undergo dental cleaning when you are suffering from gum disease. The root issue should be addressed before performing the regular dental cleaning.


Periodontitis is a chronic infection and disease. To preserve your teeth, you should undergo the treatment as suggested by the experienced dentist. The bacteria collected in the pockets should be eliminated. You should take steps to improve oral hygiene. The acids secreted by the bacteria will dissolve the bone tissue which connects your teeth to the jawbone.

If the infection is left untreated, it will progress and it will lead to the loss of teeth. It will affect the jawbone on a continuous basis and it cannot be recovered or restored. You should treat the condition as a serious oral hygiene issue and you should get treatment immediately. The dentist will provide the most appropriate treatment based on the condition of teeth and gums. You might want to make changes to your lifestyle as well so that there will be quick restoration of oral health.

If you go for regular cleaning without undergoing the deep cleaning, the colonies of bacteria will be disturbed. They will be released into your bloodstream and various organs of your body will be affected. The regular cleaning is meant to polish your teeth while the deep cleaning is meant to eliminate the bacteria from the mouth. Hence, there is no comparison between deep dental cleaning and regular dental cleaning.

If you are suffering from Periodontitis, the focus should be on overcoming the issue associated with the presence and progression of bacteria. The dentist will help you choose the best treatment option and you will be able to minimize the damage by undergoing the right treatment.