Why should you go for dental implants?

Dental issues arise due to various reasons including congenital health condition, injury and poor dental care. If you are concerned about the smile and the functionality, you should pay a visit to the dentist. The dentist will check your teeth and figure out your case for dental implants. If you manage good overall and oral health, you can go for dental implants.

Dental implant

The tooth replacement will be done in a very efficient manner through dental implants. The implant comes with a metal screw and it will be inserted into the jaw bone. If the teeth are lost due to gum disease, decay or oral injury, you can go for the implant. The procedure can be applied to deal with congenital absence as well.

You can go for full or partial dentures so that there will be great stability. You can bite and chew food items in a normal way after undergoing the treatment. When the dental implant is performed by an experienced dentist, there will be great enhancement in your facial appearance and the functionality in terms of chewing and biting will be normal.


The dental implant will be administered to eligible persons after placing the patient under local anesthesia. A small hole will be made in the jaw bone. The incision will be made gums and a screw will be inserted into the bone. The healing period will be several weeks. The dental implant ant the jaw bone will join together during the healing period and the process is called osseointegration. There will be phenomenal results which are far better than bridgework or partial dentures. During the healing period, the patient should not chew or bite on the implant.


The patient will visit the dental clinic again and the dentist will open the implant site. The metal alloy post and porcelain crown will be positioned in its place. The patient will be able to use the dental implant. Through the chewing and biting process, the bone as well as the implant will join together.

You can go for multiple implants instead of exercising the bridging or dentures (partial or full). As implants will not fail, you will not want to go for replacement. The implanted teeth should be hydrated and flossed in the same way as you would take care of the normal teeth. Thus, you can go for dental implants when you suffer loss of teeth due to various reasons including injury and congenital absence.