Why should you go for dental bridges?

Missing teeth will ruin your smile and you will find it difficult to face the audience. If you have lost one or more teeth, you can go for dentures. However, if you miss several teeth, there is every reason to go for dental bridges. Bridges are a permanent solution so that you will not want to remove teeth and you can maintain them very easily. A skilled dentist will craft bridges as per the requirements of the patient.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is nothing but the replacement teeth which will be held in its place with the help of caps. The cap will rest on other teeth on either side.  There are four types of dental bridges. If you go for a traditional dental bridge, there will be one or more fake teeth and they will be held in place with the help of dental crown. The dental crowns are also called as abutments and they will be cemented with to the adjoining teeth. If you have natural teeth on both sides of the missing teeth, you can go for traditional dental bridge.

The cantilever bridge is similar to the traditional dental bridge. However, there will be support for the fake teeth on only one side. Hence, you can go for bridge if there gap next to the natural teeth. As you approach the dentist, the teeth will be prepared for bridge. In this process, the removal of enamel will take place. The complications that may arise with the procedure will be shared by the dentist.

Instead of going for traditional bridges, you can go for Maryland bridges. A metal or porcelain framework will be used to prepare the bridge. The framework will be bonded on the backside of two adjacent teeth of the missing teeth. The strength of the bridge is based on the resin used for the bond.

The missed teeth can be replaced with the help of implant-supported bridges as well. If there are more than one missing teeth, you can go for implant-supported bridges. Every missing tooth will be replaced by one implant. The series of implants are supported by the bridge. If the bridge formation is not feasible, the fake teeth will be suspended in between two implants. The bridges are prepared by professional dentists so that there will be great appearance. You can maintain the teeth by brushing and flossing on regular basis.