What Kind of Services Can You Expect From A Cosmetic Dentist?

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Although cosmetic dentistry is a relatively newer branch of dentistry compared to most of the branches, this specific kind of dentistry is becoming quite popular these days. The basic goal of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance of patients by making a few modifications and changes to specific dental elements and features. In other words, the procedures might not be directly related to your dental health, but they can certainly affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. Of course, there are many cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your dental health too.

If you want to learn more about this dentistry, you should find a reputable cosmetic dentist. A good cosmetic dentist should have the knowledge, experience, and training, but they should also follow the latest trends in this branch of dentistry because cosmetic dentistry is changing all the time. In order to understand more about the work of cosmetic dentists, you should learn more about the services they provide.

Indirect filling

The indirect filling is a dental procedure which includes the use of porcelain or composite material used to fill teeth dealing with tooth decay or teeth suffering from structural problems and damage. The indirect filling includes Onlays and inlays designed and made in dental laboratories and bonded and fitted with the help of an adhesive.

Composite bonding

This is another popular procedure which is used to correct or repair the look of crooked, discolored, chipped, broken or decayed teeth. The procedure involves the use of specially designed composite material which feels and appears like natural enamel placed directly to the tooth’s surface or in the cavities. The teeth and the material are then bonded with the help of high-intensity light. In the end, you should be able to get teeth that look very natural.

Teeth whitening

According to some statistics, this is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment today. There are thousands of people who have stained teeth. The cause of this problem is different – smoking, drinking, eating specific types of food and in rare cases bad oral hygiene. There are few different techniques used by cosmetic dentists, but it seems that all of them provide good results.

Smile makeover

This cosmetic dental procedure is focused on your smile and in cases like this; the dentist is trying a few options like gingival shaping and dental veneers to beautify your smile. The effects are amazing.