Should you undertake teeth cleaning?

If you would like to maintain a healthy body and mind, you should manage healthy teeth. Clean teeth will enhance your health and you can prevent the spread of diseases. It can be accomplished by a dentist in a simple and painless manner. The teeth cleaning will be performed by the dental hygienist. The physical examination is required before starting the process. By using a small mirror, the hygienist will check the teeth and gums. The mouth should be free from inflamed gums to perform the procedure.

The plaque and tartar will be removed by the dental hygienist by using the scaler and they will be guided by the small mirror. During the process, scraping noise will be produced. The scraping time will be more if there is the presence of more tartar. The formation of plaque can be controlled by brushing and flossing teeth. If the tartar forms on the teeth, it should be removed at the dentist’s office.

Professional cleaning

The professional tooth cleaning includes flossing, removal of tartar and plaque, polishing and application of fluoride. The dental cleaning will take about 30 to 60 minutes. Various kinds of tools will be used to clean your teeth. If there are larger pieces of tartar, it will be destroyed with the help of ultrasound instrument. The tartar will be broken with vibration and cool mist of water.

Small deposits will be scraped with the help of scalers and curettes. The pointed, sharp and curvy tools can be used to remove the scale in a very efficient manner. Metals tools are used on natural teeth and plastic tools are used to remove the scale on implants.

A handpiece with soft rubber cup at the end is used to polish your teeth. Prophylaxis paste will be applied to the ball and the tool will be rubbed on the front and back portion of the teeth. It is done to produce shiny teeth. If you go for a professional cleaning, there will not be any pain while undergoing the process. The teeth will not be damaged and you will not get hurt when right kind of tools is used.