Should you undergo teeth cleaning?

If you go for teeth cleaning by a professional dental hygienist, it is possible to remove plaque, stains and tartar in a very efficient way. Even though you take regular maintenance steps, there will be formation of tartar on teeth. You can enhance the health of teeth and gums by undergoing the cleaning by a professional dental hygienist. As per the dentists’ recommendation, you should go for professional cleaning at least once in six months.

Benefits of teeth cleaning

By having regular teeth cleaning sessions at the dentist office, you can avoid various kinds of teeth issues and gum diseases. The tartar formation can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. The plaque contains millions of bacteria. The bacteria found in the plaque will lead to gum disease. It will lead to tooth decay as well. Hence, by paying routine visits to the dentist office, you can overcome most of the dental issues.

The hard calcified composite is called tartar. It will lead to tooth decay. The unwanted deposits on teeth will be removed by dentists by using specialized equipment. There will not be any harm to your tooth while undergoing the cleaning process. The dentist will use the dentist mirror so that every nook and corner of your mouth will be observed. The irritation, swelling and bleeding from gums will be noticed with the help of dentist mirror.

By using ultrasonic instrument, the teeth can be cleaned very easily. The large pieces of tartar present on teeth will be broken and eliminated with the help of mile vibrations. Mist of cool water will be poured on teeth so that the debris will be removed from teeth. The settings on the ultrasonic instrument can be adjusted as per the needs of the patient.

After the removal of larger pieces of tartar, the dentist will use hand-held instruments to remove small particles. It is possible to remove small particles on smooth teeth surface as well by using the tools. As the surface of the teeth become smooth, the dentist will polish the teeth. The polishing device will rotate at the tip of the teeth. Prophylaxis paste will be applied to the rubber cup and the cup will spin on the teeth to produce shiny surface. In some cases, fluoride will be applied in the last leg of cleaning process. The fluoride is available in various flavors. The routine teeth cleaning will be painless and it can be accomplished at the dentist office.