Should you go for teeth extraction?

The removal of teeth from the mouth is called teeth extraction. If the tooth is damaged or decayed, the dental extraction will be done. The teeth extraction will be applied if the teeth cannot be saved by root canal treatment or dental implant. If a patient is suffering from advanced gum disease, there will not be any other option but the removal of the teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction will be performed so that sufficient space will be managed for braces.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth erupts through the gum line, it can be removed very easily and it is termed as regular extraction. Oral surgery will be performed for the extraction of wisdom teeth. The teeth which are under the gum line should be extracted by giving local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide will be given to children and adults who have dentist anxiety.

An incision will be made by the dentist along the gum line so that the tooth will be exposed. If the bone is covering the tooth, it will be removed so that the teeth can be extracted very easily. Surgical tooth extractions are covered partially or completely under dental insurance.

To remove the wisdom teeth, the positioning of teeth will be assessed from the x-ray. The removal of teeth will be suggested to alleviate pain or swelling. In some cases, the teeth will be removed to avoid future complications. The dentist will advise the removal of teeth earlier if he anticipates pain or difficulty with extractions in future. The dental extraction will be performed to avoid the dental emergency.

The type of extraction will be determined by the dentist. In most of the cases, the extraction will be done by your family dentist. If there are complications, you will be advised to have an evaluation at oral surgeon. The tooth extraction will be performed in children as well. The child should not eat 2 hours prior to the dental extraction procedure.

There are many factors that influence the cost of dental extraction. The dentist will review the condition of the teeth before the procedure and you will get complete information about the procedure and aftercare.

The post-procedure recovery instructions prescribed by the dentist should be followed by the patient. If the local anesthesia is applied during the extraction, you will be able to drive home after the procedure. There will be little pain and swelling after the extraction.