Sensitive Teeth – A Very Unpleasant Condition

Do you remember the days when you were in elementary school and the visits to the dentist for the purpose of education on proper brushing and dental maintenance? Do you remember how dentists emphasize the importance of proper and regular brushing of teeth in order to keep our dental health? In case you’ve forgotten or you simply want to confirm your knowledge, you should definitely read this article.

According to many dentists from around the globe, food that increases pH value and certain drinks (usually soft drinks) are the most common factors that contribute to teeth sensitivity. In addition, improper brushing technique can worsen the situation.

Dentists advise people to hold the toothbrush at an angle of about 45 degrees to the gum and to make small and soft movements that start from the gum to the top of the teeth. The brush should be soft or medium-hard. Electrical toothbrushes can be very helpful because they allow people to control the pressure. Now let’s see what tooth sensitivity is.

This is a health condition that occurs as a direct result of irritation of the nerves. You can easily recognize the symptoms because they occur in the form of unpleasant and sharp pain in one or more teeth caused by cold food or drink, pressure on the tooth or cold air. It is good to know that more than 15% of the population in the world is suffering from this condition.

In order to prevent tooth sensitivity you should use your brush in a proper way and on a regular basis. You should also use dental floss. A mouth wash can prevent and solve the problem when it occurs. If the problem remains, you need to visit your dentist because this might be a sign of some other problem related to your health.