New Method May Thwart Dental Phobia

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Some scientists think they may have what it takes solve dental phobia.

A group of researchers in Nigeria determined that electrotherapy can alleviate fear and anxiety, enabling numerous patients around the world to go for dental treatment without the feeling of fear and terror they previously experienced.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation reduced anxiety in patients who suffered from the long-term fear of a dental visit. This method works by transmitting miniscule electric impulses to the brain, similar to the type of treatment some pregnant women receive to control pain.

The tests were conducted on 40 people, all of whom suffered from some type of dental fear. These people were divided into four groups. They were treated by cranial electrotherapy simulation, relaxation therapy, one group had both therapies and the final group had no treatment.

The results indicated that cranial electro therapy simulation successfully reduced anxiety while the relaxation therapy was also helpful. When combined, there was no additional benefit.

Dental phobia can be so debilitating for some people that they go years without visiting the dentist, even though they may be experiencing decay, bleeding gums, toothache, or countless other problems. Slacking on dental care could lead to many dental problems and general health problems. If proven successful, this treatment may make a difference for many people.