How to help your children eliminate the fear of dentists

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Taking your children to the dentists is a must because without this practice you can’t expect them to keep their teeth healthy and attractive. But, going to the dentist’s office can be quite scary for any kid. All the weird instruments, unknown environment and noises will make them a little bit scared. Additionally, keep in mind that your child will have to visit the dentist few times before they grow their new teeth. If you want to make these visits less stressful for your kids and for the dentist too, you should follow some of the tips that we will mention in this article.

Visit the dentist’s office as soon as possible

The best idea is to take your child to the dentist as early in their life as possible. In this way, your kid will get a chance to get familiar with the dentist’s office. They will understand that this is the place where their teeth are strengthened and taken care of. According to some experts, the first visit should be when the kid turns one year or when the parents notice the appearance of the first tooth.

Don’t complicate things

When you are preparing yourself and your kid for the first visit, don’t complicate things. Don’t explain the details about any procedure to your kid because they are curious and they’ll ask too many questions which will make them scared. Keep a positive attitude before the visit, but don’t hide all the details. Prepare them for small problems, but calm them and tell them that this is something that happens to everyone and that this is for their own good.

Choose the words carefully

It is highly recommended to avoid words like shot, pain and hurt in front of your kids. Dental clinics have staff that has their own method of preparing kids for the procedures. For example, instead of saying that some activity will be uncomfortable the dentists usually say that the activity will make their teeth stronger.

Role play

Another great advice is to play dentist with your children. Take a mirror and a toothbrush and perform similar procedures as the ones seen in the dentist’s office. Don’t get too realistic and avoid sounds and use of weird instruments.

Finally, avoid talking about your own experiences at the dental office in front of your children. We hope that these tips will help your kid get rid of the irrational fear of dentists.