How to deal with tartar on teeth

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Dental calculus or tartar is a term used to describe solid deposits on teeth caused with the process of mineralization of dental plaque. They can be easily noticed because they come in the form of yellowish and white deposits formed on the teeth in the joint area of gums and teeth. Tartar is most frequently found in the area of the lower front teeth on the inside.

Most people believe that the formation of tartar is a direct cause of some kind of food we eat or lack of proper oral hygiene. However, most people ignore some everyday habits that are bad for the health of their teeth and their oral health in general.

Eating sticky and soft foods will certainly increase the chance of formation of tartar on teeth especially if you don’t brush your teeth on a regular basis. On the other hand, solid food like fresh fruit or firmer bread cannot remain on the teeth and because of that it can improve the work of the oral system. Besides that, some common habits like drinking black tea, coffee, colored drinks or smoking lead to pigmentation of the tartar and it becomes yellowish or brownish.

Tartar removal with the help of ultrasound is one of the most efficient and painless dental procedures. There are many dentists that still rely on sonic devices, while the so-called manual removal of tartar is no longer practiced. If the patient has also developed a periodontal disease, the dentist will first perform scaling and polishing of the root of the tooth with an ultrasound-based device.

When we talk about tartar removal with the help of ultrasound, it is good to mention that the patient can be anesthetized so the procedure is completely painless. Finally, the cost of this procedure is very low.