Dr. Claiborne showing implant to patient

How Important Are Routine Cleanings And Check-Ups?

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Good oral hygiene is very important and not just for cosmetic reasons . Your health is number one on our list . Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and the list goes on. Regular check ups and cleanings can prevent these problems .They will also  provide you with momentum for your own personal hygiene at home. This is a great way to prevent- Oral Cancer, Keep Your teeth, and discover problems early so they do not become worse. Although we are very skilled at dental implants  , it is our goal to make sure you keep your teeth.

Once a cavity develops , It needs to be treated or this can result in needing a root canal.   We would then need to remove the nerve , create a build up and place a crown on the remaining tooth.  It is important to understand that brushing , flossing and using a rinse is not enough. It will definitely delay the inevitable but the fact is we all get cavities and our teeth weaken as we get older. At your first visit, we will take photos and X-rays of your mouth and perform a manual palpation and visual screening for oral cancer.  In addition to your checkup, a cleaning performed by Dr. Claiborne  is recommended every six months.

Dental check-ups in children

By taking children to the family dentist, problems such as crowded or missing teeth can be addressed.  As we mentioned earlier, The sooner we detect these problems, the less difficult and expensive the treatment will be.   Dr. Claiborne may also recommend a mouth-guard for those children who play a sport where a tooth can be damaged or knocked out.  Call Dr. Claiborne today for an appointment .  We promise to do our best to make you smile 🙂