How can we tell whether the implant will integrate into the bone or not?

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Every experienced dentist knows that one of the most important success factors when it comes to implant integration is the amount of jawbone and proximity to important anatomical structures such as sinus and serves. In order to install an implant that will last a lifetime, the dentist needs to find a way to surround this implant with adequate bone mass on all sides.  It is also important to properly install this implant and to process its surface in a good way. The best implant manufacturers are constantly investing in improvement of the current surface of titanium implants.

What makes the surface of the implant so important?

There is actually one relatively simple reason for that – the connection between the screw and the jawbone is purely mechanical and therefore it is necessary to get broad contact surface between them. This can be easily achieved by performing micro-abrasion on the surface of the screw and treating this surface with special techniques in order to stimulate the jawbone to surround the dental implant as soon as possible. The dental implant itself is important too, but it is also important to choose the right abutment and crown because they will transmit the chewing force on the dental implant and in case certain problems occur, they usually occur at the point of connection between the abutment and dental implant.

In addition, most dentists agree that the biological condition of the body is very important for the proper integration of the dental screw. It is crucial to determine the state of blood vessels because they are the ones that need to restore and bring all the constructive elements to the area where the implant is installed. If the blood vessel Is damaged or narrowed or the flow is reduced, the healing process takes longer period of time. This is exactly why smokers are considered to be a risky group for the installation of implants.

It is also important to determine the level of bad cholesterol or LDL. It is believed that increased levels of LDL complicate the healing process and integration of dental implants. The presence of vitamin D has proven to increase the chances of success during this type of intervention. Besides that, it was determined that people who are suffering from allergies have lower levels of vitamin D in their system.

All these parameters should be taken into account before any surgery that involves dental implants.