Helping Your Child Cope with Braces

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Unfortunately for some children and young adults the formation of teeth from birth, coupled with the usage and the environmental effects throughout their lives, may cause the need for braces.  While your kids may loathe the thought of having braces and groan at the parents who are recommending it, they will thank you later on!


For children and young teens, getting braces can cause a lot of mental anguish.  They may have self-confidence issues by wearing braces.   Braces affect appearance and children and teens are at the point in their lives where appearances mean an awful lot.  Although there are braces that can be fitted into the mouth that aren’t as noticeable or fit behind the teeth, most orthodontists still recommend the metal wire braces as the best method to fast and efficient teeth correction.


So, what to say or do to a child who is about to get braces?  While each child is different and should be approached as such there are a few tips to keep in mind as a parent or guardian that may ease their minds and quell fears.  The most important factor in this is endeavor is to keep a positive attitude and a positive vibe going throughout the entire process from beginning to end.  If you keep a positive outlook on things, your child will hopefully adapt your attitude and feel confident in their decision to get braces.  Attitude and morale are contagious, be sure to keep up a positive vibe.


A way to keep your child positive about getting braces is to make sure they understand the benefits in the future that they will receive by doing this right now.  Explain to your child each of the health benefits they are achieving by wearing braces, such as straighter teeth, less prone to infection and damage, and a beautiful smile.  Ask your dental professional to explain to your child the benefits of having the braces now.  Sometimes hearing it from someone else is just as or more important than hearing it from their parents.


Another way to keep your child positive about wearing braces is to reward your child for making the investment in braces.  If they haven’t gotten braces yet let them splurge on candies and sweets and other foods they won’t be able to eat during the time they wear braces.  If your child already has braces purchase a new toy or take them to a movie or throw a party with their friends.


Finally, make a concerted effort as a family to deal with your child’s braces together.  Try not to eat the foods that your child can’t eat for dinner or in front of them.  Eliminate any of the foods for you and the rest of the family and the temptation won’t be there for your child to indulge in an un-recommended food that can seriously damage or harm the teeth and braces.  Your child depends on you to help them through the process.  Be a good role model and your child will have a much easier time with these braces.