Dental health in children

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There are many parents who are wondering when they should make the first visit to the dentist’s office with their children. It is perfect to make the first checkup before the first birthday of the kid.

The most common cause of caries in children is consumption of sweetened drinks and food from bottles without washing the mouth and cleaning the teeth after meals and before bedtime. In this way, we support the buildup of layers on baby teeth and this practice may lead to so-called circular or bottle caries. These deposits and layers are used by bacteria that create acids that erode the tooth enamel. At first this is a condition that can be recognized easily thanks to the change of tooth color and over some period of time we can witness a caries lesion.

The simplest way to avoid a situation like this is to avoid drinking such drinks in general especially before bedtime. Of course, the introduction of compulsory brushing of teeth is a must too. While the child is small it is sufficient to use a gauze and water to clean the teeth and after some period of time parents can introduce the use of child toothbrush and finally toothpaste designed for children) after three years). in addition to the daily oral hygiene and proper nutrition, the most important factor that can protect dental health in children is regular dental visits.

Regular dental check-ups (every 6 months) are very important and there is more than one good reason for that. If the child doesn’t feel any pain this doesn’t mean that their teeth are healthy and this is something that can be determined only by an experienced dentist. The health of baby teeth must be maintained because they can later affect the permanent teeth. Of course, regular check-ups are very important because in this way the child adopts the habit of taking care of their oral health.