Avoiding Bad Breath – How caring for your teeth and mouth can reduce bad breath

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Bad breath is a huge turnoff to people.  Meeting people for the first time may wind up being your last time if your breath stinks!  Bad breath and halitosis can make you feel self conscious and embarrassed.  However, your dental professional can recommend you good ideas on how to combat bad breath.  This may in turn lead you to better success with business, dating, and have a better self confidence.


Here are some helpful tips to utilize in order to decrease bad breath and or halitosis:


Don’t eat certain smelly foods.  There are dead giveaways in terms of what foods to avoid. Foods such as garlic, onion, and spices such as curry can leave a long and lasting odor in your breath.  Usually these foods make their way into your blood stream and can even get into your lungs.  Not even brushing can help once it gets that far.  If you have a big social meeting or a date avoid eating these types of foods.


Brush twice daily and floss once daily.  Plaque buildup can contribute to bad breath.  It couples with food particles that get caught between your teeth to enact a rotting smell.  Be sure to put in the time to floss as that is the best way to remove the food particles caught between teeth.


Buy a tongue scraper and scrape your tongue daily.  It doesn’t have to be hard, just a once or twice over daily will help remove old and dead cells, food and bacterium.  You can purchase a tongue scraper at most pharmacies.  Along with a tongue scraper be sure to use mouth rinse.  Mouth rinse can be a quick fix if needed on the spot.  However, daily use will help kill of any bacteria in the mouth.


Not smoking will help reduce bad breath.  Tobacco and other smoke particles can stay in the mouth for days after a cigarette. Additionally, you will have a smoke smell that can linger long after brushing and rinsing with mouthwash is over. Don’t start and you won’t have an issue quitting!


Stay hydrated with plenty of liquids.  Being hydrated helps keep a good flow of saliva in the mouth.  Make sure you have a steady stream of saliva in your mouth.  An excess of saliva is a usually a good thing and helps carry food particles away so they don’t linger and turn into odor causing bacteria.


Try and avoid sweets.  Usually sugar and sweets foster a greater area for bacteria to live and grow.  If you’re going to have sugary sodas, drinks, candies and others be sure to rinse with mouthwash.   Ideally, if you could, try and brush your teeth and tongue after ingesting the sweets and or sugar.  Finally, you can visit your dentist for other helpful recommendations on reducing bad breath.