An introduction to dental sealants

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There are situations when people are flossing and brushing their teeth on a regular basis, but they still witness the emergence of cavities. One of the best options for people susceptible to cavities is to opt for sealants. Now let’s see what makes dental sealants so special and why dentists recommend them.

They will keep your teeth safe

Sealants are actually coatings made of plastic that keep the surface of wisdom teeth, molars, and premolars safe from the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. Due to the fact that bacteria are not able to penetrate the grooves of the teeth, they can’t lead to decay. This means that you will keep your beautiful smile and healthy mouth protected.

This is a painless procedure

Many people are afraid of dental procedures because they can be painful. Well, the placement of dental sealants is absolutely painless. The procedure starts when the dentist cleans the teeth thoroughly and uses a mild acid. This plastic coating is painted manually on each tooth and in comes in a liquid form. After that, the dentist uses light in this area which turns the liquid into solid material and creates strong bonding. You should feel free to consume food right after the procedure is finished. This process lasts for a couple of minutes for each teeth. So, you should have all the sealants on your teeth after just one session.

They are part of many insurance plans

The majority of dental plans include sealant interventions. The reason is simple – it is much more cost effective to have a procedure like this then to fill the cavities later. You should check whether this procedure is covered before you visit your dentist.

Great for the kids

Kids usually have deep grooves and pits which make dental sealants especially useful. The dentist will monitor your kid’s molars and when they are visible, they will recommend the best time for applying sealants. Typically, they advise the use of sealants in children between six and twelve years.

Even though you can eat right after the procedure is completed, there are specific types of food you should avoid. Some of these foods are caramel candies, gummy bears, and sticky food. Of course, in case the sealants start wearing, your dentist can apply new ones. If you are consuming safe foods, you can use these dental sealants for up to one decade.