A Few Things You Can Do to Protect your Teeth

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There are many people who have noticed that their teeth look bad or that they have become sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks and some of them have found traces of tooth decay. They usually wonder how this happens when they have good oral hygiene. Well, the truth is that certain bad habits can affect your teeth. By following these tips you will avoid frequent visits to the dentist.

Frequent teeth whitening

Pearly white teeth are certainly the desire of many men and women and this is quite natural. Teeth naturally become darker with the aging process. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that can help you solve this problem. However, if you practice this procedure frequently you will do more harm than good for your teeth and every dentist will confirm this. Use mild products for whitening and don’t do it too often because the content that most of these products contain have negative impact on the mineral content of teeth and erodes the enamel which leads to teeth sensitivity and fragility of the teeth. You should also know that the natural color of teeth is not white, but ivory white.

Too much acidic foods in the daily menu

Acidic foods and drinks erode and destroy tooth enamel and in case you didn’t know, this layer cannot be renewed. The nerves lose their protection and support and it is possible to feel pain when you eat something cold or hot. Avoid sour candies, lemon juice and soft drinks. If you can’t avoid these drinks, use a straw and avoid direct contact between the enamel and the soft drink.

Using your teeth to open bottles

This might sound a little bit odd, but there is a huge number of people who do this. Teeth can be used for chewing food and not for opening bottles and cans or chewing ice cubes.