A few foods that damage your teeth

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It is very important to understand that we can protect our teeth if we take care of the food we eat. Food is a daily need for humans. It compensates the vitamins we spend during the day and makes us beat the feeling of hunger. However, after consumption of certain foods it is very important to brush the teeth because the composition and acids which are part of their composition could have negative impact on dental health.


The biggest drawback of using this beverage which is usually used on a daily basis is its color and acidity that cause so called “yellow teeth” after a long period of consumption. However, tooth discoloration caused by coffee is the least painful and easiest problem for patients today because teeth whitening is available in almost every modern dental office.


Potato chips are one of the favorite snacks for modern kids. This starchy food is very dangerous to teeth because the bacteria from plaque in conjunction with starch form acid which attack the teeth after 20 minutes. This negative effect can last for a longer period of time if you don’t rinse or brush your teeth because starch foods easily get stuck between the teeth in the so-called interdental space. That’s why it is a good idea to use dental floss too.

White and red wine

The acids found in wine produce bad effects for the tooth enamel because they make it porous and at the same time teeth are subject to discoloration. Red wine contains pigments that keep the color on the teeth a long time after we consume the wine while white wine because of the acid “prepares” the enamel to absorb color from other beverages like coffee for example.

Gummy bears

Just like chips, gummy bears are extremely popular among children. Because of their specific composition they have the ability to glue to the teeth and in this way tooth enamel is exposed more to the acids that actually destroy this protective layer. If you find it difficult to make your kid stop eating gummy bears, the best idea is to consume this food during a meal and not as a separate meal. When kids chew they create more saliva which helps wash sugars and acids from gummy bears.


Eating snacks leads to reduction of the presence of saliva during the meal and parts of these snacks stay in the mouth between the teeth for hours. Therefore, it is best to avoid snacks or consume those with less sugar and starch.

Juices (fruit or carbonated)

These drinks are full of sugar. Carbonated drinks contain citric and phosphoric acid in addition to sugar. All these ingredients corrode tooth enamel. Don’t be fooled by carbonated drinks that don’t contain sugar because the artificial sugars found in these juices are even more acidic. Although fruit juices are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it is very important to choose juices that don’t contain added sugar. The fruits are sweet without any additions.