Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

The purpose of dental implants is to restore missing teeth. Dental implants are usually made out of titanium. The procedure involves the implants being placed in the root of the tooth that is missing until it is fused into the bone of the tooth. Before the implant is placed, an incision in the gums is made. After the dental implant is inserted, the incision in the gums that was created is sewn up. After the procedure is finished, your gums and bone need some time to heal. This time period can take several month however it is an essential step as the gums and bone must be strong enough to hold the dental implant in place.

The Consultation

The patient should consult with the dentist before the procedure begins. The initial consultation will often be with a periodontist who will examine the area that needs attention. While examining, they will make sure that your mouth has enough bone to support the implant and allow the procedure to continue. If there is not enough bone, adding a bone graft will be considered. Some other hindrances and items of discussion are current medications and medical conditions.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are more permanent than dentures or bridges. The reason is because they are placed into the missing tooth they replace which is more natural. While bridges are also permanent, they rely on the teeth surrounding the bridge.

Dental implants are also commonly used for aesthetic purposes. The implants themselves look and feel exactly like real teeth. As such, they should be treated like a real tooth. You should brush them frequently and give them all the dental care that is associated with your regular teeth. Poor dental care can shorten the longevity of the new implant – especially plaque build up.

Having a dental implant can separate a confident smile from one that is hidden. The right dental implants can restore confidence in people with missing teeth. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the patient will also be able to eat and chew food as they once did with their regular tooth. Finally, the implant improves the patient’s gum health in the long run. Dental implants is a worthwhile procedure one should undergo for their mental and physical well being.


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