Correnia Tomlin – 3 implants

“I think they were really nice, very experienced and explains everything to you before he does it and everything turns out exactly how he explains it to you.”

Allison Pollard – 7 implants

“My overall experience was a perfect 10 and then some. I have been spoiled by the best in the business. There is no reason for anyone to go anywhere else for dentistry. I had numerous cracked, broken or missing teeth and fillings. The overall result has improved my digestion as well as my smile!”

Michael Zimmermann – 3 implants

“My overall care was excellent. My experience was very pleasant. Dr. Claiborne was very enthusiastic about helping me with my problems due to my missing teeth I wanted replaced. I suffered mouth trauma on many occasions due to missing teeth and being unable to chew properly. Getting dental implants was the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Brenda Carwile – 6 implants

“I love eating with my new teeth. I have a wonderful smile. My son saw me for the first time New Years with my teeth, he said ‘Mom, you look like you did when I was young.’ That made me feel good. “

Gilliam Cobbs – 3 implants

“Very pleased- really can’t tell which ones are implants. I have three. My doctor/dentist must be a pro at the science, and he sure is patient friendly. My advice: If you have a problem they have the answer.”

Irene Cobbs – 3 implants

“My dental implant experiences exceeded my expectations. Dr. Claiborne gives a thorough examination, x-rays etc, if needed then takes the time to explain what needs to be done, how he will proceed with the process, the length of time involved for the implants and he gives the patients the opportunity to ask questions.”

Tim Gregorin – 1 implant

“It rates 10/10. The office environment, staff and treatment are exceptional and first class. Clinical skill and knowledge are first rate.”

Linda Hudson – 2 implants

“Experience was less painful and recovery a shorter time period than I thought.”

Sandra Alvis – 4 implants

“My expectations were exceeded and my overall care was excellent.”

Carol Ann Griffin

“The staff and Dr. Claiborne were very caring and kind, my overall experience was excellent.”

Lois Ringely – 5 implants

“The staff and Dr. Claiborne are very caring and puts the patient at ease.”

Kenneth Duncan – 1 implant

“It really looked good when it was finished.”

Donna Frazier

“I am 50 years old and have been missing a tooth since I was 16. I NEVER thought it was possible, after all these years to make an implant. My overall care and experience was absolutely wonderful! “